Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Attaining and then maintaining your ideal weight is never an easy task. If often seems like the modern world is our enemy. Food production, work environments and the other elements of our lifestyles always seem to be pulling us in the opposite direction from attaining our goals.

Losing weight is one thing and many people do have some success in that area at different times. However, the real barometer of success is how well they manage to keep the weight off over the longer term. Once the initial goals have been achieved, all the old lifestyle pitfalls are still laying in wait.

Also, a quick check of the Internet will confirm that there is a mountain of information out there on this topic. Unfortunately, not all of that information is reliable and much of it is conflicting.

So where can you get reliable information, well, we would like to think here :) And, we will also post links to content that we find elsewhere that holds up under scrutiny. As a quick example of that, here is a video From SciShow that explains the science behind burning fat in a very useful and accessible way.

On a side note, one of the other things that is fascinating about this particular video is the comment section. The parameters of the video are well defined, the science is correct and the explanations are very clear but that doesn't stop all sorts of confusion from happening in the comments. Oh Internet, how we love you so :)